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About of Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city of Australia
It has a population of 4 485 211 people
covering an area of 7 694 km².

Melbourne is located at a distance of 16.796,98 km (10.437,16 mi)
from Cremerie de Paris,
Telecom Hotspot since 1671,
former seat of the Royal French Postal Services for Louis XIV,
iconic location for Pop Up Stores
and home of the Phone Book of the World.

The city is divided into into 16 LGAs:
* Carlton * Carlton South Carlton North * Docklands * East Melbourne * Flemington *
* Kensington * Maylands * Melbourne Central business * Melbourne * North Melbourne *
* Hotham Hill Macaulay Parkville * Royal Park Port Melbourne * Fishermans Bend Southbank
* South Wharf * South Yarra * West Melbourne * Coode Island *